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Compelling the Second Coming


         A USAFSS veteran and non-fiction author’s first book of fiction, THE TRINITY COIN is an exciting, thought provoking and explosively controversial novel that treats the very real scenario of producing the ultimate human clone . . . from DNA found in body fluid stains on the Shroud of Turin.

     THE TRINITY COIN is in no way disrespectful to any religion, especially Christianity.  It simply

(1)      takes the present state of cloning technology (human embryonic stem cells have been cloned, and  a company called Clonaid is being paid half a million dollars to clone a deceased young girl),

(2)  recognizes that the genie is out of the bottle, and human cloning will occur eventually and

(3)   develops the ultimate plot on the subject.

     THE TRINITY COIN does not proselytize; its purpose is merely to entertain.  Nevertheless, you may find yourself comparing the spirit’s worth with that of the flesh.  Buy it; read it; re-read it.  You won’t believe how mind-bending such a prospective view of humanity’s future can be.

     Author P.G. Kivett, Esquire, AA, BS, JD is a retired USAF Foreign Intelligence Analyst and California Lawyer.  He wrote and edited for the Center for International Legal Studies of Salzburg, Austria (1981) as Project Managing Editor for The Comparative Law Yearbook’s new section, “Significant Developments in Private International Law.”  In America, he wrote nursing law texts for Robert D. Anderson Publishing Co.’s The California Nursing Law Manual and Continuing Legal Education in Nursing for eight western states (1982 / 83).  He authored political commentary for Opus, The Magazine of Kokoro no Kizuna, a Japanese periodical (Summer, 1991 through Winter 1992 / 93 under the nom de plume, Dutch Holland).  He is the author of Intelligence Failures and Decent Intervals (ISBN 1420893548) a five-star rated account of instances—two involving the author himself—in which the “Intelligence Failure” label was falsely applied to military and diplomatic blunders, reducing the Intelligence Community elements to scapegoats.  Kivett is a former enlisted member of the 6983rd RSM (student), 6912nd SCG, 6922nd RGM, 6918th RSM, 5th RRU (P), 6920th SW, Team 1-A, 6923rd RSM, Det 1 6970th SG, 6994th SS and 6927th SS OL-1



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