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This will be our Memorial Page, where we will pay tribute to brothers and sisters of USAFSS who gave their lives protecting Freedom



Fifty (50) members (48 flyers and two non-flyer) became KIAs or MIAs
16 separate incidents between 27 July 1953 and 31 March 2005
  27 Jul 1953 RB-50G-2   1RSM
  1st loss of USAFSS airborne operators as a result of hostile action, Sea of Japan  
  Staff Sergeant Donald G. Hill
  A2C Earl W. Radlein, Jr.

  10 Sep 1956 RB-50 Det 1, 6924RSM
  Sea of Japan

  Maj Loren C. Disbrow
  SSgt Raymond D. Johnson
  SSgt Theodorus J. Trias
  SSgt Paul W. Swinehart
  A1C William H. Ellis
  A1C Harry S. Maxwell
  A1C Leo J. Sloan

  2 Sep 1958 C-130 17 total/11 USAFSS Det 1, 6911RGM
  Shot down over Soviet Armenia
MSgt George P. Petrochilos
TSgt Arthur L. Mello
A1C Robert J. Oshinskie
A2C Archie T. Bourg, Jr.
A2C Joel H. Fields
A2C James E. Ferguson, Jr.
A2C Harold T. Kamps
A2C Gerald C. Maggiacomo
A2C Clement O. Mankins
A2C Gerald H. Medeiros
A2C Robert H. Moore
Eighteen of the losses occurred in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War
  9 Mar 1967 EC-47   6994SS
  TSgt Raymond F. Leftwich
  A1C Charles D. Land
  A1C Daniel C. Reese
  7 Nov 1967 Gnd Attack 6994SS
  TSgt Frederick Sebers

  5 Feb 1969 EC-47 6994SS

  TSgt Hugh L. Sherburn
  TSgt Louis J. Clever
  SSgt Rodney H. Gott
  SSgt James V. Dorsey
  A1C Clarence L. McNeill
  5 Jun 1969 RC135 6985SS
  Alaska Bering Sea
  TSgt Eugene L. Benavides
  SSgt Roy L. Lindsey
  SSgt Richard J. Steen, Jr.
  Sgt Douglas Arcano
  Sgt Sherman E. Consolver, Jr.
  Sgt Lucian Rominiecki
  8 Oct 1969 EC-47 6994SS

  SSgt Elmore L. Hall
  Sgt Michael L. Stiglich
  8 Apr 1970 Rocket Attack 6924SS

  Sgt Paul Wayne Anthony
  22 Apr 1970 EC-47 6994SS

  SSgt Michael R. Conner
  21 Nov 1972 EC-47
  MSgt John Ryon

  5 Feb 1973 EC47, 6994SS

  SSgt Todd M. Melton
  Sgt Peter R. Cressman
  Sgt Joseph A. Matejov
  Sgt Dale Brandenburg

  16 Mar 1981 Cobra Ball   RC135
  Shemya AB, Alaska

  SSgt Harry L. Parsons III
  SSgt Steven C. Balcer

  22 Sep 1995 AWACs, 381IS
  Elmendorf AFB, AK

  TSgt Ernest Parrish
7 Aug 2002 MC-130H, 25 IS
Puerto Rico

  SSgt Shane H. Kimmett
31 Mar 2005 MC-130H, 25 IS

  TSgt Glenn P. Lastes

20 May 2009 IED, AFISRA Afghanistan

1st Lt Roslyn Schulte


18 February 2012, Djibouti, Africa

SRA Julian S.Scholten


27 April 2013, Afghanistan

SSgt Richard Dickson